A Note from the Founder


Hello Muses!

My name is Stephanie, and I'm so excited that you're here.

The first time I saw a baroque pearl I was 20, on a pilgrimage to my family’s ancestral islands in Greece. I was enchanted by the idea that water had given the pearl its unique shape, and that no two would ever be alike. I bought the pearl, strung it on an elongated gold chain and made myself a promise: that someday, I would find a way to dedicate my career to giving back to the sea — and that I would use pearls to do so. 

I founded Maris Pearl Co. in 2019 to fulfill this dream by building a beautiful brand that would raise awareness and funds for ocean conservation initiatives. 'Maris' means 'of the sea' in Latin. It is my maiden name, and a reminder of both my family's Greek island heritage and our studio's foundational mission.

Pearls have always been an emblem of the woman I aspired to be: timelessly elegant; a passionate advocate for ocean conservation; a woman confident enough to be her own muse.

I wanted to learn everything that I could about these magical gemstones, so I studied to earn my diploma first from the Gemological Institute of America's pearl graduate program, followed quickly by accreditation as a licensed pearl specialist from the International Gem Society.

As I studied, I was surprised to discover that though pearls come in a myriad of shapes, the jewelry industry prizes symmetrical, spherical, identical pearls the most. I couldn't understand why we were forcing such industrial standards on the world's most natural gemstone, so I decided to use my studio as a platform to introduce the world to the unique beauty of naturally-shaped pearls. 

Maris Pearl Co. launched with just two products: the Ariel, a baroque pearl strung on an elongated chain; and the Lina earring, our take on the classic pearl stud. I selected every pearl by hand for its natural shape and the otherworldly lustre that became our studio's signature. 

Today, our studio has grown, but our mission remains the same: to use our naturally-shaped pearls as stewards for our world's precious saltwater. It is magical to think that we are building a veritable pearl army of women all over the world. We have big dreams, and we couldn't accomplish them without you.

I hope that you love your new pearls, and that when you wear them, you are inspired to be your own muse, just as I was.