About Us


Maris Pearl Co. is an online jewelry studio founded, run and inspired by women. Currently based in Hawaii, we delight in creating elegant jewelry featuring naturally-shaped pearls set in classic designs. 

We make our jewelry by hand using only 14k gold fill, which is of better quality and less resistant to tarnishing than gold plate/vermeil and more affordable than solid gold. Due to the natural shape of our freshwater pearls, no two pieces are perfectly round or perfectly identical — and that's exactly how we love them.

'Maris' is Latin for 'Of the Sea', and all of our pieces are a celebration of this ancient connection to the ocean. As of September 2019, we are delighted to be partnering with Aegean Rebreath, an Athens-based organization dedicated to the stewardship of the Aegean Sea. Maris Pearl Co. is proud to donate 5% of our total profits to this organizations, with more exciting launches on the way. Click here to learn more about Aegean Rebreath and all of their wonderful work.