Maris Pearl Co x Aegean Rebreath

Maris Pearl Co was founded on the idea of making an impact while making beautiful things. From our very first sale, we donated a percentage of our revenue to international organizations dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of our world's oceans.

As of September 2019, we are delighted to announce our official partnership with Athens-based NGO Aegean Rebreath. Aegean Rebreath was founded with a primary goal to help Greek seas breathe again through the collection, recycling and upcycling of marine litter. 

Maris Pearl Co is proud to pledge 5% of our total profits to support Aegean Rebreath's initiatives throughout Greece. We are also pleased to donate 50% of the profits from every sale of our signature net bag to this deserving cause.

We are so grateful to our muses for your continued support as we dream and grow. Please check this page often for news from our #pearlarmy as we find new ways to steward our precious oceans. 

For more information about Aegean Rebreath, or to make a direct donation, please visit their website.