Care Instructions

Pearls are the world's most natural gemstone. Formed by a living organism, and requiring no shaping by man, pearls are an untouched gift from the sea that need specific care in order to last a lifetime.

Read on for our most important tips, and your pearls will thank you.

(Please note that these tips apply to all pearls, whether or not you purchased them from us, but we can't speak to the quality or durability of pearl jewellery purchased from other brands.)

  1. Pearls love to be worn, gaining lustre and glow from the natural heat and oils in your skin. Wear your pearls often and they'll thank you for it — don't hide them away in a drawer.
  2. When wearing your pearls, ensure that they are the last thing you put on in the morning, and the first thing you take off at night to minimize their exposure to perfumes, sprays, sunscreens and other chemicals that can weaken the sensitive nacre. 
  3. When storing your pearl strands, lay them flat. It's a good idea to take your strands to a jeweller once a year to ensure the integrity of the silk cord. We prefer to work with natural and organic materials, which are inherently more sensitive.
  4. Polish your pearls with a gentle microfibre cloth, never a jewellery polishing cloth, which often contains chemical anti-tarnishing agents that will damage your pearls.
  5. To prolong the life of your gold fill jewellery, avoid getting your pieces wet. If you do, however (and we're guilty of jumping into the ocean without taking our pearls off!), rinse your pieces gently in fresh water, pat dry, and lay flat to dry completely before putting them back on or away.

We are GIA-certified ocean conscious studio that works exclusively with naturally-shaped pearls.