How long will my order take to ship?
We make all of our pearl jewelry by hand in our Hawai‘i studio. As each piece is made to order, we generally advise our customers to expect orders to ship between 3-5 business days, depending on the piece. If you require a rush turnaround, please email info@marispearlco.com and we'll see what we can do! Please note that due to COVID19-related delays, our orders may take longer to ship.

Where do I go for updates on my order? 
All of our orders ship with tracking information that is updated automatically as soon as your packages leave our studio. If you have difficulty finding your tracking information, or if you haven't received your order delivery confirmation email, please email us at info@marispearlco.com with your order number so that we can help you track this information down. 

How can I order outside of the US? 
We are delighted to ship to our international community of muses. Simply enter your address upon checkout. Please note that we are not responsible for any import, customs or tax fees your order may incur upon arrival. 

I have sensitive ears, can I wear Maris Pearl Co.? 
Absolutely! All of our pieces were designed with sensitive ears in mind. Our jewelry is made exclusively with high quality gold fill, so it is ideal for sensitive ears. One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is from customers with sensitive skin who are shocked that they are able to sleep in their earrings without discomfort. 

What is the best way to care for my pearls?
We've got you covered, muse! Check out our blog for our pinnable Pearl 101 guide to caring for your pearls, including how to clean them, whether or not you can swim with them (short answer: ocean yes, chlorinated pools no) and more. Our founder Stephanie is an IGS-certified pearl specialist, so please feel free to send any additional questions our way!  

What is gold fill? What is the different between gold fill and gold plate/gold vermeil? 
Gold fill is the ideal compromise between quality and affordability. Our gold fill consists of a thick layer of solid gold which is bonded to a base layer of jewelry-grade brass. Gold fill is therefore significantly more resistant to tarnish than gold plate or gold vermeil, which feature a very thin layer of gold electroplated to a base metal, often a mixture of copper and nickel. This is why our gold won't turn your ears green, and will last with proper care. 

How do I return my pieces from Maris Pearl Co.?
Due to their intimate nature, all of our earrings are final sale. Other pieces may be returned within 30 days upon receipt. To initiate a return, please email us at info@marispearlco.com with your order number handy so that we can generate a prepaid return label for you. If the reason for your return is due to a defect of any sort, please email us immediately so that we can send a replacement out to you. 

What kind of pearls does Maris Pearl Co. use? 
We exclusively source naturally-shaped freshwater pearls that undergo a rigorous selection process to meet our signature standard. For this reason, none of our pearls are ever identical, though we try our best to match our earrings. We think it's magical that every piece of our jewelry is as unique as the muse who wears it. 

Do you/will you sell any other gemstones? 
Pearls are kind of our thing. Our jewelry features high-quality gold fill, pearls, and a touch of saltwater from the ocean air that runs through our studio. We don't currently plan on selling jewelry featuring other stones or precious metals, but there are an abundance of lovely jewelry brands that do! 

Do you do custom orders? 
We love to help bring your designs to life. We take on a limited number of custom design projects based on our availability and the complexity of your piece. Please email info@marispearlco.com with your custom requests. 

Can I order one of your designs in solid gold? 
We are currently working on an heirloom collection featuring recycled solid gold for a select number of our pieces. Please bear with us as our solid gold collection was delayed by the pandemic. We hope to be launching soon!

Is Maris Pearl Co. Sustainable? 
At MARIS we take great pride in our effort to minimize our environmental impact. This is why you won't find any plastic in our packaging. Furthermore, as we exclusively source freshwater pearls, our jewelry is by nature environmentally conscious. Freshwater pearls are extremely sensitive to their environment, meaning that pesticides from water runoff can damage or limit their growth altogether. The freshwater pearls that we source are cultivated in pesticide-free, antibiotic-free water, and are raised in harmony with fish and other aquatic life forms to achieve a symbiotic balance with nature.