Where is Maris Pearl located?

Our studio, affectionately named 'The Grotto' is based on the island of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, a short block north of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Located in Honolulu's historic Stangenwald Building on Merchant Row, our Grotto is a magical home for our pearls, as well as guest installations from our artist friends.

Can I visit Maris Pearl in person?

Appointments to visit the Grotto will be available soon. In the meantime, select pieces from our signature collection can be found at our retail partners across the Hawaiian islands and the mainland United States. For more information, please visit our stockists page, here.

How long will my order take to ship?

For all questions relating to domestic and international shipping, rush orders, or order status, please read through our shipping information, here.

Jewellery FAQs

I have sensitive ears, can I wear Maris Pearl?

Absolutely! All of our pieces were designed with sensitive ears in mind. Our new solid gold collection is made entirely with 14kt solid gold, the best choice for longevity, quality, and sensitive earls. 

Our gold filled collection features jewellery made with gold fill, which does not contain nickel, the most common jewellery allergen. One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we receive is from customers with sensitive skin who are shocked that they are able to wear their earrings indefinitely without discomfort.

What is the difference between gold fill, gold plate, and gold vermeil?

Gold fill is the ideal compromise between quality and affordability: at a lower price point than solid gold, it has 100x more gold alloy than gold plate. Unlike its cheaper counterparts, gold fill is pressure bonded, which mechanically fuses the gold to the jeweller's brass core. Gold plate features a very thin layer of gold electroplated ('dipped') to an unspecified base metal, often a mixture of copper and nickel. Gold vermeil (pronounced vehr-may), though often represented as higher quality than gold plate, consists of a thin layer of gold electroplated over a base layer of silver.

In order of quality, gold fill, with the highest gold content and most integrated fusing method outranks gold vermeil, with gold plate being the least durable and least suitable for sensitive ears.

What is the best way to care for my pearls?

Please read through our care guide, here.

How do I return my pieces from Maris Pearl?

Please read through our return policy, here.

What kind of pearls does Maris Pearl use?

We exclusively source naturally-shaped freshwater pearls that undergo a rigorous selection process to meet our signature standard. For this reason, none of our pearls are ever identical (although we get as close as we can to match our pearls for earrings). We think it's magical that every one of our pearls is as unique as the muse who wears it.

I have lost one of my earrings; is it possible to purchase a single (just one earring) replacement?

Due to the unique shape, size, lustre and orient of our pearls, we don't typically offer single pearl replacements. Please reach out to us at info@marispearlco.com and we'll see what we can do.

Do you/will you sell any other gemstones?

Our current collections feature naturally-shaped pearls and a touch of saltwater from the ocean air that runs through our studio. Pearls will always be our signature, but we are endlessly inspired by our surroundings. On our travels, we have encountered some beautiful new stones and natural elements that we are excited to include in upcoming collections alongside the lustrous pearls that we are known for. Stay tuned!

Do you do custom orders?

We love to help bring your designs to life. We take on a limited number of custom design projects based on our availability and the complexity of your piece. Please email info@marispearlco.com with your custom requests.

Can I order one of your designs in solid gold?

We are delighted to now be offering a debut collection of ethically-sourced 14 carat gold for a select number of our pieces. We look forward to sharing more with you throughout the year, and are happy to take on custom solid 14kt gold projects. Please email info@marispearlco.com with your custom requests.

Is Maris Pearl Sustainable?

From the botanical ink in our recyclable packaging through to our marine conservation partnerships, our studio takes great pride in our efforts to leave the world's oceans better than we found them.

Freshwater pearls are extremely sensitive to their environment, meaning that chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers can damage or limit their growth altogether. The freshwater pearls that we source are cultivated in pesticide-free, antibiotic-free water, and are raised in harmony with fish and other aquatic life forms to grow and thrive in symbiotic balance with nature.

To learn more about our sustainability and marine conservation initiatives, please visit our conservation page, here.

Does Maris Pearl offer wholesale?

Thank you for your interest. Please send us an email at wholesale@marispearlco.com. Please do note that we receive a large volume of requests and are incredibly selective about our retail partners; we'll be sure to reply if we feel that your brand aligns with our ethos and aesthetic.

Pearl Powder FAQs

What is the Pearl Powder made of?

Our Pearl Powder is made of 100% pure freshwater pearl, milled finely in a medical grade facility to ensure sterility and freshness. The resulting powder is a gentle supplement comprised primarily of calcium and trace minerals, like magnesium.

Why are pearls so rich in calcium?

Pearls are composed of layers of calcium carbonate, primarily aragonite and calcite, which are layered in a crystalline brick and mortar structure. These structures lay over each other in concentric layers, called nacre, which give pearls their beautiful glow.

How frequently should I use the Pearl Powder?

We enjoy our Pearl Powder twice daily: a ½ tsp serving in the morning, mixed into our drinks of choice (generally a matcha latte, coconut water, or a smoothie), and then once in the evening as a treasured part of our skincare rituals by adding directly to our evening serums.

What separates Maris Pearl from other brands?

We are pearl specialists, and set out to create a product that exceeded the other pearl supplements available on the market both in the quality of our product and in the elegance of its use. Our pearl powder undergoes a unique milling process to ensure that it dissolves in both hot and cold liquids.

Rather than needing to suspend in our Pearl Powder in liquid, like frothing or whisking matcha, our pearl powder blends into beverages and skincare by mixing gently with a spoon; or, to add to skincare, dispense product on the back of your hand, sprinkle pearl powder over the product and blend gently with a finger before applying to your face.

Will the Pearl Powder arrive packaged to the very top of the tin?

Our Pearl Powder is concentrated, and therefore measured by weight and not by volume. Each tin contains a net 50g of pearl powder, which equals approximately 50 ½ tsp servings. Pearl Powder will arrive triple sealed, and not loose in the tin to preserve its freshness.

Does the Pearl Powder expire?

Expiry dates are listed on the underside of every Pearl Powder tin. Please consume by this date to ensure that our product performs at its best.

Can I use the Pearl Powder if I am allergic to shellfish?

While our Pearl Powder is milled in a facility that does not process shellfish, please consult your physician with any medical concerns relating to the consumption of Pearl Powder.

Is Pearl Powder safe if I have a medical condition?

Unfortunately, we cannot dispense medical advice. Instead, we recommend that you reach out to your healthcare provider, or to a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, herbalist, or acupuncturist for advice regarding taking Pearl Powder in conjunction with any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns. We wish you the best of luck on your health journey.

Is Pearl Powder Vegan?

Pearls are the world’s most natural gemstones, originating from mussels, which form layers of nacre around irritants that enter their shells. Though pearls are composed of minerals, and not of the flesh of any animal, we do not classify our Pearl Powder as a vegan product.

Is it safe to feed my child Pearl Powder?

Pearl powder is a gentle supplement composed primarily of calcium and trace minerals. We recommend that you consult with your paediatrician before offering our Pearl Powder to children.

Is the Pearl Powder available for refunds or returns?

Due to reasons of hygiene and safety, our Pearl Powder is not available for returns. We want you to love your wellness ritual, so please reach out to us at info@marispearlco.com with any issues and we will make sure that your experience with us is a lovely one. 

We are GIA-certified ocean conscious studio that works exclusively with naturally-shaped pearls.