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The Archer Earring


Designed to resemble an arrow nocked to fly from its golden bow, our Archer Earring features elongated biwa pearls poised beneath our signature hoop earring. We sell our Archer earrings by the pair, but love the asymmetrical statement of wearing an Archer in one ear and a Lina in the other. 

  • 14k yellow gold fill
  • 18 mm freshwater Biwa pearl (length may vary slightly)
  • sold as a pair
  • made by us in Kailua, Hawai‘i

A magical note: pearls love to be worn, gaining luster from the natural warmth and oils from your skin. We wear our pearls every day — that means in the ocean, too! Just make sure to to put them on after you've finished getting ready as perfume, hairspray and other beauty products can be abrasive. 

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