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The Net Pendant


Our signature piece: an untouched, un-drilled, untreated baroque pearl caught in a golden net. Inspired by the visual impact mankind has made on the sea, the net pendant was designed to serve as a beautiful call to arms, with 5% of every sale returning to the sea through our marine conservation partners.

Each net pendant is made by hand by our master jeweller in Hawai‘i, and woven carefully to hug the unique nucleations of each naturally shaped pearl. The pendant features our patent-pending pearl slider, which serves both as an elegant back detail, and allows the wearer to adjust the total length to up to 30" with a gentle pull.

22-25mm untouched, undrilled naturally-shaped baroque pearl

1.3mm Solid 14kt Gold Chain

Patent-pending pearl slider adjusts length up to 30"

A beautiful side note: pearls love to be worn, gaining luster from the natural warmth and oils from your skin. We wear our pearls every day — that means in the ocean, too! Just make sure to to put them on after you've finished getting ready as perfume, hairspray and other beauty products can be abrasive.

Our solid gold collection takes approximately 2 weeks to ship from the time of purchase.

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  • Naturally Shaped

  • Ocean Conscious

  • Ethically Made

We are GIA-certified ocean conscious studio that works exclusively with naturally-shaped pearls.